Monday, April 18, 2011

Taking Small Break! And Quick Up-Date!!

Heyy! It's Nour & Naiomi.
I am in Paris, France at this very moment.
I just arrived. I feel SO dizzy :( I am kind of person who gets dizzy very fast, plus the journey was long 1O hours and 3O minutes -.- Urgh...
Anyways, just informing you that me and Naiomi won't be posting, instead we will be eating French food, baha... (Naiomi is with me in France, we travelled together, with our families).
Okay, we will try to log-in SD to check once-in-a-while but we want to spend our Holidays with our friends and family not on StarDoll. 
Okay kay then! Don't miss us too much :) *That was Naiomi's word*

PS. Dude, we know, we're guilty, we didn't do the show, but today we will! We already finished it but we need to re-view it*
Love you! 
xoxo N&N

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