Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dating on Stardoll..?

 Hello, dolls!.
So Nour is here, sorry no banner the reason is, that I`ve ordered some banners for the blog and they aren`t ready just yet. Hopefully they will be ready by next monday.
Before I get into the post, did you guys get your Easter/Spring holidays ? Are you travling to a certain place ? Share with us :) !!

Anywho, today I was checking my Friends-List, for some reason (I guess I was just bored) so i came across a girl, I am not saying her name but I kept checking GB comments and got this :-

*Click to engralge* 
When I saw this I was like "Wow.." I was speechless,
I have nothing against dating through internet, even though, I`d never do it, but even couples (In Stardoll) should behave better, and put on their mind that there are some young children out-there watching their words, because even younger kids under 1O-years-old play Stardoll, and it`s wrong for them to keep watching those comments, I mean the fact that a 8-years-old girl, might be dating someone she have no clue who he is, it's just horrible. But, I keep wondering 'How could you ever date someone you don't know? You never saw?' What if it's a girl pretending to be a boy? What if it's a boy pretending to be a girl? I mean come'n . It's RIDICIOULS that Stardoll are NOT watching their website, and not watching if the members are following the rules. In my opionion Stardoll should NOT allow dating. It's SO dangerous, it really is. And not only in Stardoll, in any internet website, you guys should NOT give our personal information like where you live (which street, etc..), your real surname, or anything personal like that..So guys PLEASE be careful, it's very dangerous. 

Love all way from the U.S.A,
Nour xoxo :)<3

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