Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Get real...

Hi, dolls !
Like my new banner? I was inspired by summer :) 
So sorry, I haven't posted in while because I was sick and still am.
Yesterday, I had to sleep at the hospital since I was so sick !.
Anyway.. I won't be on SD as much until I feel better.
So I thought of writing a post, as I was in the mood of writing :).

Today, as I was searching the 'Star Blog', I came across this dude..
Now look at the things I've marked with Red..
Got it?! Not yet?! UGH! -.-" Ok, let's go through this togather, shall we?!
First off, how the hell is he 32 ?! I mean SERIOUSLY ?! Why is a thirty-two yeats old guy is interested in a virtual website, plus 95% Of SD is girls. Lets face this fact.
Second, when I saw this, I was like WHAAAAAAAAAAAT????. He've got just 85 Starpoints when he's a memeber since 2OO8 ?! Duude, slow down on me. I am going loca.
And, he's a writer in the Stardoll-Blog.. Wait, I thought that Stardoll choose the really active-famous memebrs. But he hasn't logged-in, since 3 weeks ago. And he've got just 85 Starpoints..In my opinion this is just the same person who's running "Callie.Stardoll" What I mean is, Stardoll is just making fake accounts for their selfs..Hmm, fake enough, Stardoll?! That's how they got 1O million memebrs?! 
Tell me your opinions in the comments !
 Do you think that SD are making fake-accounts ?! Or not?! 

Untill next post then, 
Bunches of love,
Nöur xoxo

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