Monday, April 18, 2011

New Segment and Make-Over!! Yay!

Hey, dolls!

It's Nour. I am back! With LOADS of shopping bags, lol, I was shopping, O-M-G the perfumes, the nail-designs (polishes, etc..), the make-up, the clothes, the shoes, and most of all the.. BAGS! I just CAN'T get enough, ahaha, I've been waiting for the Easter holidays for ages, and finally they're here! Oh, I am in my best mood!!
Also, don't you just adore the blog' make-over? Awesome, right? Yah!
New banner soon, I mean for the blog! :) 
OK, so I am starting this new segment and I'll hopefully do it everyday or week. Depends, on how busy, I am.

Ok, so, the idea is mainly about fashion! I will do, "Outfits Of The Week" And... I'll tell you what I wore, and about my Make-Up and jewelry(ies). I'll take a random MeDoll and Make-Over her/him and put it up. Also, I'll do it on my MeDoll. So, it will be random. Like for e.g at-random-days- I'll pick a MeDoll and Makeover her but .. for now, I'll do it on my dollie.

Keep checking the blog for the post. It will be ready by tonight.
Stay pretty! 
Bunches of love all way from Paris, 
xoxo Nour...

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