Thursday, April 7, 2011

No eybrows? Dude, it's a trend !!

Hey, gorgeous!!
Nour is here (DUH!).
Since I am a fashion-freak. I was checking some Stardollians and I've noticed something really interesting..
Lately, our lovely Stardollians are following this cool trend, and I am in love with it.
You don't need any eyebrows anymore, baha isn't this just, COOL?
I think it's really nice,
-Look at 'Syligirl' with awesome make-up and tottaly cool hot-red lipstick .

 -FindurLove she's just, talented ! Her medoll is very original. She always have something new and fashionable, she's a fashionista.

So, are you wearing this 'trend' ?!
Do you like it ?!
Who's your favorite ?!

Tell me in the comments :)
xoxo Nour. 

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