Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lets get over this again.

Hey portlens.
So.Lately alots and lots of people have been hacked elites and normal-Stardollians.
Actually when I say the  word 'Hackers' it immediately re-minds me of the word 'Rude' & 'Cruel'..

Now why people usually hack ? Usually because of rthe rares,super-star accounts and/or Stardollars but not only that they even hack for fame .. I mean it won't be positive kind of fame .. But it's still fame.

Now lets go through this again.

Jenna known as Emorox4eva - Got hacked because one of her comps at SMW (her blog) how she got hacked is that she clicked on a link and that link put a virus on her computer that would record/save every and anything she typed .. Hmmm
Marcela known in Dollywood as .Marcela.. - Got hacked by our very lovely memeber (cough) not! and who have forgot our episode yesterday ? what was it about ? oh none-other then SMHH (Stardoll's most hated hacker) - God didn't knew her yet ? Mizzmileycyrus9 !!. And she stole lots/all her rares and according to Marcela's presentaion Marcela informed Dollywood that she's leaving..

Now .. Lets go through a trip with pictures ,,,
First Jenna -

-Those are some of the rares/clothes the hacker stole.

 -When we first knew that Jenna was hacked .. *Credit to MDM for the picture*.

-Comments by some people and anonymouses telling some information about how the hacking happened .. *Thanks to MDM again.*
Now all this helped you to get what's going around right ?
Hacking is all over Dollywood.!!

Now let's go through Marcela .

Marcela left this in her pres to inform us that she's gone .. And she doesn't want those spotlights anymore.
*Credits to LNWC for this pic*

and here she said who's the hacker and she informed us that she's selling some rares that mizzmilycyrus9 left.

So ..What do you think of all this hacking thing ?
Should Stardoll improve their security ? Or not ?
Any thoughts ?

Love you :)
Peace out freaks.
~And Nour was here~

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