Tuesday, March 1, 2011

IF's explination.

IF of Stardoll
welcome to IF of Stardoll ..
IF is an Arabian show..
But I wanted to make a Stardoll version of IF
so in IF we will have gossip and interviews
Our gossip will be our thoughts so our gossip won't be fake graphic things...
It will be our thought of things thats going around the virtual huge world StarDoll ..
So about our interviews it won't be any kind of interviews we will ask them some embarssing questions that no body ever got the dare to ask.
And also we will get two guests which makes it more fun if the two guests had different opinions and start fighting,Lol...Anyway we will give them an imaginal story and see how they will deal with all this stress in their imaginal life and through their imaginal life we will also ask them things about their real life .
So that will be interesting..Keep in eye couz fun means IF. :) don't forget to follow.

Toudles,Nour was here.

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